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In Topic: New XEB Show: October 12th in Cali

02 September 2013 - 09:39 PM

Holy crap, I thought it was all over for XEB. Awesome news. I hope they make to the east coast!! Id love to see them finally play horror show, although Im not sure if kevin even wrote it. God know 3EB will never play it....maybe XEB will!

In Topic: Kevin's silver guitar

11 October 2012 - 08:20 AM

That red color shifting one you have is bad ass. Is the other color silver or gold for the shift?

It goes from that gold/orange color to a deep purple color. MJ has the coolest finished Ive seen on a guitar by far. Its also cool to see people who have never seen an MJ look at it. The tuners take a little getting use to, but it doesnt take long. As Elberfan says, they will build you whatever you can dream up. I believe the Custom also comes with Humbuckers.

My MJ is a relatively early one...built in 99. I believe they were still using Mahogany bodies on all of them at that point before they went over to poplar. I could be wrong on that though. Love the guitar though! It was 10 years of searching to find it.

In Topic: Kevin's silver guitar

08 October 2012 - 09:08 AM

Kevin is also the reason I got a Mirage. Bad ass guitar and it sounds awesome!!

In Topic: My 3eb

11 September 2012 - 07:31 AM

I disagree that it would bring in a "shit load" of money. The majority of people who go to 3eb concerts are people who remember "Semi-Charmed Life" being on the radio in the 90's. The average 3eb fan has zero knowledge of 3eb's history. Most people could care less who is playing guitar, and probably don't even notice the difference.

Yes, there would be MAYBE a couple thousand Kevin devotees who would go to the show when they may not have before, but the reunion wouldn't have the cultural significance it would've, say, a decade or longer ago. Time has moved on, and people that go see 3eb by and large are doing it out of nostalgia. The real fans know what's up, but most fans have accepted 3eb's later incarnations to be just as good as the classic line-up, so I don't think we'd see a huge spike in attendance overall.

I don't think either Kevin or Stephan have any reason to get back together except for the realization that they once made good music together, and theoretically could again. Other than that, you won't get them in the same room together any time soon.

Once again I will have to respectfully disagree. "Shit load of money" is a relative term of course. Part of that IS the music that could be made again. They havent had a hit song since Blue and even that was a fraction of what ST was. They havent even come close to writing something of that caliber in the last 10 years. Stephan and Kevin were musical genius together and with the music, comes the money.

I also disagree on your average fan assesment. I think the casual fan doesnt know the difference, but even the average fan knows the history pretty well, at least of the Kevin/Tony switch. People that were big fans in the late 90s are still fans....they (we) just havent had a reason to come out to see the new 3EB. What was "there" isnt anymore and thats painfully obvious. The number of fans compared to the number of people coming to shows is way more than a couple of thousand. Give people a reason to come see you, and they will.

In Topic: My 3eb

10 September 2012 - 10:00 AM

Norris, while all of your info is factually correct, I must disagree on the never reunite point. Never is a long time brother! In SJ's current incarnation, i would agree it will never happen. But, 3EB stock drops by the day. The fact that they hire new members all the time, and haphazardly tour, leads to them losing their following. Soon they will be playing back yard and graduation partys,

I like to think that soon enough he will start to see the light, come back down to earth, and remember why they started this thing to begin with. A reunion would bring the music back to what it was and should be, as well as bring in a shit load of money...dont think he doesnt realize that.